Food cartel finds a home off the streets

Recently I completed a week long newsweek in which we worked as multimedia reporters across print, radio and tv, producing a full length weekly newspaper, plus hourly radio and television bulletins – all on top of running the class blog and twitter account! Here is one of the articles I wrote for the blog, reviewing the excellent new Ox and Finch restaurant which opened in Glasgow recently.

By Phoebe Inglis-Holmes

The boom of street food in the past few years has been outstanding. No more rubbery burgers with plastic cheese if you want a quick bite; delicate delicacies or monstrous munches are available for all of your drool-creating needs.

Glasgow in particular has offered a Scotland a plethora of opportunities for foodies to tuck in. The popularity of KILTR’s street food feastival has soared, resulting in a move from the tucked away Barrowlands to Gordon Street in the town centre to be more accessible to keen customers, and heap, cheerful and incredibly tasty ‘guerrilla kitchens’ have popped up all over the city.
The crown jewel of these is Street Food Cartel (SFC), a delicious partnership between some of the city’s most popular street food companies who put on enticing dining dates designed to satisfy every taste. As if selling out every event, being hired for music…

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