Live Review / Interview: Josef Salvat at Broadcast, Glasgow. (25/02/15)

I recently interviewed and reviewed Australian new-pop starlet Josef Salvat at his headline show at Broadcast.

Through The Wire Music

Review: Phoebe Inglis-Holmes.

‘It still just seems surreal that these people are here, they want to listen to my music and sing along to my songs’ Josef Salvat confesses earnestly, his cool demeanor faltering for a second as his humble disbelief peeks through. ‘It’s a strange thing, you write songs in your bedroom or whatever, it’s a very solitary process for me at least, then there’s these people making personal connections with it – it’s a bit of a gift.’

Stepping into the cramped, dim basement of Glasgow’s Broadcast venue, it’s clear to see the personal connections being made with the music know no boundaries; this crowd aren’t just electropop hipsters. Sure, there’s plenty of them present, but there’s also every other kind of person imaginable, united by put-on-your-dancing-shoes melodies that belie the twisted lyrics built to stab at your heart in the dark. An old fashioned storyteller, I need…

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