Throwback Thursday: Brighton

Due to a lot of work and last-minute university commitments, I never really got to talk about my little adventure last month, so today I’m deciding to throw it back.


At the start of June I visited Brighton to attend Brighton Music Conference. The two solid days worthIMG_1267 of workshops, lectures and panels were generally excellent, overall providing an amazing experience. Each lecture was very helpful in answering some burning questions I’d had about the state of the music industry, as well as helping me take some ideas I’d had and turn them into something a bit more professional. My only qualm was that in all of the talks I went to, I only saw two women – on the same panel – in the entire time I was there; hopefully by next year the ‘lads talking about lads’ culture within electronic music will have deteriorated at least slightly and we’ll have some more gender representative panellists. A girl can dream.

In between the informative talks and hands-on technical sessions, the conference parties and DJ sessions were incredible. My highlight was a night at Tempest with Alex Banks – who I’d been wanting to see for years – and Evil Nine headlining, who I bumped into on the promenade at 5 in the morning following a mad night which, as I told him, had all started because of how much me and a new found mate were enjoying his music.

In the few spare moments I had I managed to adventure round The Laines, Kensington Gardens and Kemptown and pretty much fell in love with Brighton. The amazing weather may have helped as I felt like I was abroad, but as a few people said to me, everybody that lives in Brighton is there because they¬†want to be, not because they have to be, like those climbing the career ladder in London. The relaxed, hippyish vibe is something I love and could very much get on board with (the fact they’re the only place in the UK run under the Green Party says a lot) and if I ever departed Glasgow to live elsewhere, it may just be Brighton.

Here’s a few snaps I took along the way, and if you’re planning a trip to Brighton yourself, for BMC or anything else, then I highly recommend you stop at Neighbourhood Bar for a drink, Cafe Coho for breakfast and Silo for dinner, Gelato Gusto for a treat, Merlin and Ellis and Beyond Retro for cute clothes and trinkets and Oddballs juggling for all your circus toy needs.


IMG_3375 IMG_3381
















all photos my own and not to be used without permission Рtaken with Canon 650D (un-edited) and iPhone 6 


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