Anyone that knows me is aware that what I want most in life is a campervan. A little cosy space that I could decorate with all the bunting and fairylights that I could find would be absolute heaven; I’d love to have the freedom to just get out and drive and sleep in the middle of a forest if the fancy took you, or on a secluded beach, or at the top of some of Scotland’s stunning mountains.

photo courtesy of Trailermade

Whilst I love my little car, a van would just complete me and as a result I spend most of my time on eBay dribbling over cheap campers that I wish I could purchase.

My appreciation of alternative-style living comes into most of my travelling. For example, I veto hotels; I think using AirBnB, my favourite site, is so much more personal as it means you feel like you have your own extra little home wherever you go. You have all the home comforts you would need like a kettle and a comfy bed, and you don’t have to worry about frightening other guests at breakfast with your interesting morning hair, or fight them off for the last pastry.

But what if the AirBnB ethos happened to combine with the van life culture? This week I was so chuffed to read that exactly that has happened; rather than pay for a rental car and accommodation, new website Trailermade offers people the chance to rent out vans and campers, meaning you can sleep and drive wherever you want. Avoiding dodgy rental car costs and pricey hotels, it’s making the nomadic lifestyle open to everyone.

Currently launched in America, I can’t wait for some people from the UK to start advertising their vans so I can go on some camping adventures very soon.

Read all about Trailermade here.

3_Airbnb-MobileScreen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37


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