A day in pictures 

#nationalnobraday, Kelvingrove museum, pineapple and lemon sorbet rooibos iced tea in The Hidden Lane Tearooms, scrabble, cats, Tchai Ovna, boozy milkshakes in The Flying Duck and a West End Italian park picnic – here’s my day in pictures.

Today Jason and I decided to be tourists in our own city, making the most of sunshine and our time together to go on adventures. We went to Kelvingrove museum and looked at dinosaurs, and drank pineapple and lemon sorbet rooibos iced tea in The Hidden Lanes Tearoom. We played scrabble and petted cats in our favourite spot in the city, Tchai Ovna. We celebrated #nationalnobraday. We went for drinks in newly discovered pub Tabac, and dribbled over boozy milkshakes in old haunt, The Flying Duck, where I felt inspired by wisdom written on the toilet walls. For dinner we even had a delicious picnic of aubergine and salami pizza with a beautiful fresh salad and the best olive oil I’ve ever had, selected from a new Italian deli. We munched it in the autumnal looking park whilst the sun set. As you may have realised, was all incredibly West-End-Wendy, and vomit-worthingly-cute. And it made us fall in love with Glasgow more than ever.
Here’s our day in pictures:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37

 all photos © to sixtythousandthoughts.com and not to be used elsewhere without express permission or full credit. all photos unedited and taken on iphone 6.


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