International Women’s Day

We used to burn women who had epileptic fits.
We’d tie them to a stake and proclaim them a witch.
We’ll just put them on a screen if they’ve got nice tits,
but they’ll be torn apart if they let themselves slip.

We’ll draw red rings round their saggy bits.
And flick through the pictures while we eat bags of chips.

You can either be beauty or a beast or a bitch,
you can either be cool or kooky or kitsch.


You were damned for the things that you did,
or if you didn’t live how the villagers lived.


You’re handed the mould and told – fit into this.
And maybe one day you could be really big.
Kate Tempest

Celebrate International Women’s Day proudly. We are better than history has valued us to be.

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2016 #standunited


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