Introducing Nessa the campervan

Since my last post, I am totally overjoyed to say that I’ve ticked a (pretty major) goal off my ultimate life bucket list. 

I am now the proud and happy owner of my very own campervan!

Not just any van but, an actual motorhome. I’d like to introduce you to Nessa, a la Gavin and Stacey (what’s occurring?) She’s huge, beautiful and I am so excited to say she’s mine. Every day I walk past her en route to work and I can’t believe she belongs to me. People stop in petrol stations and ask me all about her and tell me of their jealousy; my friends and neighbours make excuses to come round and hang out in her, parked in my drive.

Finding and purchasing her wasn’t without its struggles – Jason and I spent about 2 months driving off in the evenings to random destinations to view campers we’d spotted on gumtree and continually being gutted when they weren’t right – but we finally found the absolute one and the nicest touch is that she’s the same age as me. Taking on an old van isn’t easy, as we’ve already experienced a burst fuel pipe and a couple of other bits and bobs that caused issues but, it’s what you sign up for when you don’t have a casual £10,000 to blow on a party bus.

That being said, she doesn’t feel old. She feels classic; if I say she’s a timeless beauty it feels a bit like I’m talking about a princess but that’s probably because that’s what she is to me. I’ve even given her a full name – Vanessa Pocahontas Puff Ducato, with Vanessa coming from Gavin and Stacey as she’s my favourite  character and also drives a massive truck, Pocahontas coming from the nickname some of my pals give me and the fact the van has an Indian headdress symbol on it, Puff coming from the scene in Meet The Fockers where Jim drives a huge motorhome whose horn plays puff the magic dragon, and Ducato being the name of the van. Can you tell I’m incredibly geeky/excited?!

She’s already had her first runs out, to Loch Lomond and Knockengorroch festival, both of which were totally sun-drenched and glorious. Seating four and big enough to sleep at least six with a double bed above the drivers seats and a fold out bed where the showers are, she’s also got a shower, toilet, oven, sink, grill, hobs and so much storage. Dreamy!

Our next adventure will be to Eden festival from 9-12 June, which I am super excited about. Keep an eye out to find out how it goes down.

I’m not the only one to have ticked something off the bucket list, though – Jason’s band Vukovi have now been played 5 times by Annie Mac on her prime time Radio 1 show and she’s called the band “irresistibly good” along with a lot more glowing praise. They also raised the roof off Camden Rocks festival, creating such a buzz that the venue had to stop admitting people as they were over capacity from people crowding in to see them and have just smashed the first stint of their headline tour that’s going on throughout June, including Download Festival. Find out if they’re coming to a city near you here!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37



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