5 things I did this weekend

This month Jason and I have been really lucky to have every weekend off together, it’s usually such a rarity, so it felt awesome to be able to chill at home in Glasgow, guilt-free! Here’s a few things we got up to, in photos.

1. Played dress-up in matching jackets. (Jason’s own vintage – #hipsteraf – and my next desired Topshop purchase.)


2. Went for cocktails and some snacks at Laneways. It’s this cool little pop-up bar and kitchen near Glasgow’s Central Station with food from Julie’s Street Kitchen, all of which were delicious. We had a cocktail each – mine was called a silver bullet and had Prosecco and raspberry in it, which was really all I needed to know to want it. It was served in a cute little silver bullet bottle, too, which was such a nice touch and I totally loved it!

Corn fritters, banana cake and cocktails

3. Got my swag clothes on. I’ve felt pretty groggy and down about my appearance for a while, purely because I’m usually too lazy or busy to get dressed up/do my make-up and wear anything adventurous every day, so I decided to play around and make myself feel kick-ass before heading out on Saturday night. Yay for bright leather jackets and new, Adidas rip-off, sports-luxe dresses!

4. Caught Maribou State ‘s DJ set at The Berkley Suite. Held in this cool grungy club we used to go to pretty much every week, it was heaving but it was awesome!

5. Ate recovery brunch on Sunday morning at Riverhill restaurant. SO. DAMN. TASTY. We somehow still had room to share tapioca porridge with roasted pistachios and raspberries afterwords and it was divine.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Keep posted on what we’re up to during the week by following us both on Instagram! @phoebeih and @jason_vukovi 

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37




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