Dinner O’Clock: Black Dove dining review, Shawlands 

Ever since Black Dove were nominated for Best Restaurant at the Scottish Entertainment Awards 2016, it’s been on my radar. I finally got round to heading to Shawlands to try it out…

After pitching a successful presentation at work, I was awarded a £100 voucher for our website (itison.com, if you’re interested) and decided to splash half of it on a decadent four-course meal with Prosecco at Black Dove. I love fine dining, I love discovering new places and I’d heard their cocktail list was off the chain so I was excited for Jason and I to go.

We got all dolled up and found a parking spot directly outside – win! – and pottered in. The place is small,  but the ambiance is brilliant and there were a lot of people in there clearly celebrating. The place was packed, even for a Wednesday night, which is always a good sign. We were given a set menu to remind us of what our deal included which was a nice touch as a lot of places assume you’ll remember, and asked if we’d like our Prosecco then or later (right that second, obvs).

I’m not going to bore you with photos of the food (bet you’re devastated) but that’s mostly because I ate everything with such vigour that I forgot to take any snaps. What I can tell you is that each course was excellent. The curried cauliflower starter, essentially a purée soup, was rich and packed with flavour without being too heavy, and I was delighted it was a proper course rather than an amuse bouche as so many other fine dining restaurants do. I couldn’t believe that we each received a full salmon fillet each for the next course and the horseradish snow was delicately delicious.

The rump cap steak was the most succulent and flavourful I’ve had in years. I’ve basically stopped eating meat, particularly red meat so I was a bit apprehensive about eating it after being away for a good while but it was so worth breaking my ban for. The peas were incredibly sweet, and if anything there was too many of them, which brings me nicely to the portion sizes – I couldn’t believe how big each dish was! Usually when eating a four-course meal, each round is over in the blink of an eye but every single dish was a fantastic size, leaving me full, but the key part is I wasn’t so full that Jason had to roll/carry me back to the car.

The dessert was lovely but perhaps the sloppiest of the courses – in comparison to its predecessors, it seemed to taste quite plain. Luckily, I’d chosen to pair it with a Ladies Who Lunch cocktail from their extensive list and the two went together better than I ever could have wished for. I’d had my eye on the fabulously indulgent Morning Coffee cocktail but espresso at 9pm isn’t the wisest choice for me – and it gives me an excuse to go back!

All the food was served over by the most friendly and helpful of house staff, and waiting times between dishes were perfectly timed – you were left to chat and let your food settle for just long enough to get a little growl of hunger before another plate was laid down in front of you. It was a great wee evening and I’m already excited to go back and drink my way through the cocktail list, and sample even more of the menu.

Great for: Delicious food with great portions, a fab cocktail list and friendly, helpful service.

Not so hot for: Those looking to then immediately go out on the town – the Shawlands location means you’re away from the scores of people in town, but getting back to the city centre doesn’t mean you can just stumble out onto the street and hop across the road.

Check Black Dove out yourself at 67 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 3YR or get in touch with them on info@blackdovedining.co or 0141 231 1021.

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