Throwback: Old snaps 

Remember when I used to take hundreds of photos all the time, to the point where people kept telling me to put my camera away? I’ve just dug out a selection of my favourite snaps from the past on my digital and film cameras, my Canon AE-1 and 600D. 

The other week I found my amazing old Canon AE-1 film camera lurking in the bottom of my cupboard; I thought the battery was dead and gone a long time ago, but a happy little flick of the switch informed me it’s still working. Huzzah! I have a shit ton of camera equipment for both digital and film cameras, and taking photos used to be a total passion; one of the few things I did for the love of it alone, rather than using it for a purpose.

When I came to uni that all changed, and so my cameras sadly went from being a necessary, pack-in-every-handbag item to something rarely touched. However, discovering the AE-1 still worked made me dig out some old photos from both that my Canon 600D to remind myself how much I enjoyed it. Here’s a selection of my favourites to inspire me to start shooting again.


6510037019_cd81eb9a43_o (1)




Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37


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