Tzatziki for days: exploring Corfu

Although it wasn’t in my lovely campervan, I’m just back from an awesome trip to a stunning island – and this time it wasn’t a Scottish one. Have a peek at my visual diary of my week-long trip to my spiritual motherland, the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

My mum’s stories about her life have always been peppered with the exotic. Living in Baghdad before it’s sad demise; touring the world in a campervan; running hotels and nudist beaches (soz mum) on hot little islands; it’s no surprise I’ve ended up with a somewhat overwhelming wanderlust.

Recently she’s been talking a lot more about Corfu, where she lived, loved and worked for many years and when looking to get my summer sunshine fix I thought it would be awesome to return to her spiritual home and check it out for myself, so Jason and I booked up to stay in the small island town of San Stefanos.
Between lazing on the beach directly below our hotel and stuffing ourselves with as much tzatsiki, retsina and roast lamb we could manage, Jason and I spent our week there hiring a car to travel to Paleokastritsa (where my mum lived) where we visited a monastery and discovered the most amazing beach bar ever, as well checking out historic Corfu town, going on incredibly questionable boat parties, sweating a lot on 4 hour hikes to find heaven in the form of a swing set at the top of a mountain and hidden yoga retreats serving the most incredible cocktails, plus loads more. Here’s a wee selection of photos and silly videos from one of the most awesome adventures I’ve had in a while.

Day 1 – Woohoo, we’re here!

The view to the beach, 2 minutes down the hill from our lovely hotel


Jason ❤ strawberry mojitos
Rooftop bar in our hotel


Day 2 – Beach chilling & Greek night

Day 4 – Paleokastritsa and Corfu town



Day 5 – The weirdest boat party that’s ever been

Day 5 – Hikes in the heat


Day 7 – Hometime 😦

Leaving the hotel in the morning…
…And soothing ourselves with a bottle of wine in one of our favourite Glasgow beer gardens in the evening

Anyone thinking about visiting the North West of Corfu, I fully recommend it – beautiful weather, amazing hospitality and crystal clear water might all sound like a marketing pitch in a holiday brochure but it’s all so true!

Great for: People who want some intense heat and sunshine, to stuff themselves full of tasty food and make lifelong friends with the loveliest locals around.

Not so hot for: People with walking difficulties (getting up to some of the best places requires a lot of walking and the village we were in were was at the top of a very, very steep hill), people who need to be constantly entertained (I recommend more touristic spots like Sidari if you can’t make your own fun).


If you plan on visiting Corfu, particularly the North West of the island. I fully recommend having a good hard think about what is most important to you before you come. Is stunning scenery all around you the most important thing, or is having a selection of the tastiest tavernas around definitely the highlight? Each place we visited seemed to have one solid thing going for it, but not everything. Arillas, for example, that we hiked to was stunning but their selection of bars and restaurants that were upmarket and delicious sold us much more than their beach, which was alright, but only alright. San Stefanos, where we stayed, was incredibly beautiful but quiet and their selection of tavernas was mediocre. Sidari is super British, but with party-hard nightlife. Paleokastritsa is stunning but pricey and difficult to get around. The choice is yours, but just think about what’s most important to you – and we definitely don’t recommend certain boat parties! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 19.38.37


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