Things only you know when you used to hate women

Once upon a time I was one of those girls who “wasn’t like other girls.” I prided myself on the fact I was as far away from the scheming and bitching of girl gangs as could be. I automatically distrusted women, removed myself from their environment, and was delighted that every single one of my pals had something swinging between their legs (hint: that’s a penis.)

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A CHAT WITH…Cut Loose Promotions

Kyle Chesney; a name known to those who’ve delved into the depths of Glasgow’s extensive music scene. If you don’t know his name, maybe you should.

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A CHAT WITH…Chou Chou Couture

Silvia Pellegrino is a driving force in Glasgow’s fashion scene. This Italian born gem is constantly working, be it running her own business, Chouchou, in which she sells all her own hand-made clothing designs, or organizing popular annual fashion events such as Bold Souls.

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