Leith letters: number 1

Three good things:

  • East coast sunshine
  • Tune swapping with your new flatmate 
  • The satisfying burn of tired muscles after walking far

There’s only three things you can do when you find out your mum has got cancer.
1, have an emotional breakdown (which I considered), 2, pretend everything is 100% grand (my natural and automatic reaction, which may lead to point 1), or 3, find a middle ground somewhere between the two, start button bashing on your blog again to try and make sense of the sudden madness of your life, and write down three good things about each day to remind yourself there’s still positivity in the world.

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In pictures: van adventures

I’ve been making the most of escaping for weekends away in my beautiful van recently. Even just getting away for one night after the week-long captivity of the office feels awesome. Here’s some snaps from a few recent adventures to Ayrshire beaches and Loch Doon in Dumfries.

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Things only you know when you used to hate women

Once upon a time I was one of those girls who “wasn’t like other girls.” I prided myself on the fact I was as far away from the scheming and bitching of girl gangs as could be. I automatically distrusted women, removed myself from their environment, and was delighted that every single one of my pals had something swinging between their legs (hint: that’s a penis.)

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