Things only you know when you used to hate women

Once upon a time I was one of those girls who “wasn’t like other girls.” I prided myself on the fact I was as far away from the scheming and bitching of girl gangs as could be. I automatically distrusted women, removed myself from their environment, and was delighted that every single one of my pals had something swinging between their legs (hint: that’s a penis.)

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Tzatziki for days: exploring Corfu

Although it wasn’t in my lovely campervan, I’m just back from an awesome trip to a stunning island – and this time it wasn’t a Scottish one. Have a peek at my visual diary of my week-long trip to my spiritual motherland, the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

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Throwback: Old snaps 

Remember when I used to take hundreds of photos all the time, to the point where people kept telling me to put my camera away? I’ve just dug out a selection of my favourite snaps from the past on my digital and film cameras, my Canon AE-1 and 600D.¬† Read More